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Transport Smart Forms

Updated May 18, 2018

How does one transport SMARTFORM? SE01?
How do you make sure that both, the SMARTFORM & it's function module gets transported? Or does the FM with same name gets generated automatically in the transported client?

A smartform is transported no differently than any other object. if it is assigned to a development class that is atteched to a transport layer, it will be transported.
The definition is transported, and when called, the function module is regenerated.
This leads to an interetsing situation. On the new machine, it is very likely the function module name will be different than the name on the source system. Make sure, before you call the function module, you resolve the external name to the internal name using the 'SSF_FUNCTION_MODULE_NAME' function module.
Typically, generate the SF, then use the pattern to being in the interface. Then change the call function to use the name you get back from the above function module.