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TrueType fonts for Smart Forms or SAPscript

Updated May 18, 2018

You want information regarding TrueType fonts support in Smart Forms/SAPscript 

Installing the TrueType fonts:
TrueType font files (file extension *.ttf) can be uploaded for R/3 with Transaction SE73 or report RSTXPDF2 (activate parameter "Install global soft font") and can be installed for use with SAPscript/Smart Forms. During the installation, a font family must be specified under which the TrueType("soft font") font is accessed in SAPscript forms or Smart Forms, for example, "ZMYFONT".

Uninstalling the TrueType fonts:
You can only delete an installed TrueType font by executing the RSTXPDF2 report again ("Delete font file" radio button).

Which printer driver/device types support soft fonts for TrueType?
Once a TrueType soft font is installed it can be printed by any device type, which uses the printer driver HPL2 (PCL-5 device types, for example, HPLJ4, HPLJ5, HPLJ5SI, HPLJ4000, HPLJ8000, IBMNP), POST (Postscript Level-2 device types, for example POST 2) or SWIN (SAPWIN device types, for example, SAPWIN, SWIN, SAPWIN5). The CONVERT_OTF PDF converter (also used for archiving outbound documents via ArchiveLink) or the PDF1 device type also supports TrueType soft fonts. The device category SAPGOF for external printer drivers supports soft fonts as of Release 4.6D.
Certain printers cannot process any TrueType soft fonts owing to the reasons cited below. They suppress the use of TrueType soft fonts although they use PCL-5 or PostScript: HPLJIIID, HPLJ1100, POSTSCPT.
Remark 1: PRESCRIBE Device types for Kyocera printers (KYOFxxxx) and all device types for line printers (for example, EPESCP2, IBM6408, MT2045) do NOT support any TrueType soft fonts.
Remark 2:When you maintain printer fonts in Transaction SE73, you can allow or deny the use TrueType soft fonts on certain device types.

Which problems may arise when printing TrueType soft fonts?
1) Printing may slower because the print files generated by the SAP printer driver are larger due to the embedding of TrueType font data. The POST and HPL2 drivers must send the TrueType font definition to the printer for each output request, which increases the size of the print file and, correspondingly, the transfer time to the printer. Therefore, we recommend that you upload TrueType fonts only if it is absolutely necessary. In particular, you do not have to upload the TrueType font ARIAL because the SAP font HELVE is an equivalent alternative.

2) Printer memory is too small
The PCL-5 and the PostScript printer driver loads the TrueType soft font into the printer's RAM during printing. A certain amount of memory is occupied in the printer to do this. If the printer memory is too small, then the TrueType font may not be printed. This situation is not predictable for the printer driver, however, it can be assumed that a minimum of 4MB RAM should be available. If you cannot print from a printer which does not have enough memory, then you need to select a device type, which suppresses the use of TrueType soft fonts, for example, HPLJIIID, HPLJ1100 or POSTSCPT.

3) Obsolete PostScript Interpreter Versions
Printers, which support PostScript level 2 (device type POST2), are supported for TrueType soft fonts ("TrueType rasterize engine") only as of Adobe PostScript Version 2013. The PostScript version is usually entered on PostScript status page (configuration page) which the printer outputs upon demand. All PostScript level 3 printers support TrueType soft fonts.
Note:If you cannot print to a PostScript level 2 printer, then you should check the PostScript version. In addition, the available memory may be too little. If either of the two circumstances occurs, use a POSTSCRPT device type.

4) No TrueType Rasterizer support in PCL-5
No support is available for downloading TrueType soft fonts for certain PCL-5 printers in the printer-internal "PCL-5 engine" (due to their age or for financial reasons). According to information from Hewlett Packard, the following HP printers do not support TrueType soft fonts under PCL-5:
LaserJet Classic
LaserJet II, IID, IIP
LaserJet III, IIID, IIIP, 3Si
LaserJet 4Si
LaserJet 4L, 5L, 6L
LaserJet 1100, 3100
Color LaserJet
LaserJet 8500 (prior to February 1999)

5) TrueType font not installed for SAPWIN/SWIN on PC
If you print with the SAPWIN/SWIN device type, the SAP printer driver does not send the font definition, only the name of the TrueType font. If this font is not installed on the PC on which SAPlpd is executed, SAPlpd will print a substitute font automatically selected by Windows.