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Type Conversion in ABAP

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi all ABAP Masters,

I am pretty new to ABAP and learning it myself and I have a basic question about the type conversions in ABAP.

I have a variable of TYPE CURR with value XX.XX and I need to move it to a variable of TYPE C of length 11 and it should appear as 0000000XXXX without the decimal.

Can you guys let me know how I can achieve this?

Any of your inputs will be of great help for a new learner like me. Also, please send me any detailed document available on type conversion, if possible.

Thanks in advance.


  • 15 Apr 2009 5:51 am saperpguru
    Using string operations you can do that.. I am not sure there is replace "." by none.

    or else can do like this

    split string1 into str1 str2 at '.'
    concatenate str1 str2 into string1 ( This is original string with no dot -Assing initial currence to some string1)

    and then assing what ever you want.

    Hope this will help your problem.