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Wage Type in Infotype 2010

Updated May 18, 2018

I've done customising for wage type in Employee renumeration Info ( I 2010 ).
The IMG Path is Personeel Administration --> Payroll Data --> Employee Renumeration Information.

But when I tried to make transaction. the wage type which I already customise for Infotype 2010, didnt show up. The system giving error like this ' No entry in Table T512Z for wage type 0210".

But when I check for wage type 0210 is already in table T512Z.

How to solve that?

The wage type will need to be made permissible for infotype 2010 so if you are checking table t512z the wage type needs to be against infotype 2010.
To actually config this it is in the img path:
Personel Administration --> Payroll Data --> Employee Renumeration Information - -> Wage Types --> Check Wage Type Catalog --> Check entry permissibility per infotype.