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Difference between Personnel Calculation Rules (PCR) and Collective Agreement Provision (CAP)

rekha || 31 Jul 2007 4:51 am || 1

Personnel Calculation Rules (PCR) Vs. Collective Agreement Provision (CAP)

PCR: Personnel Calculation Rules Conditions that are written to the Schemas (in pay roll and TM). To edit them to met the specific requirement of the Clients Time and Wages evaluation.

CAP: is Collective Agreement Provision based on which the different groups of Employees are eligible for different kinds of pay scale structures and benefits and son on. 

CAP is based on the following components :

1) Pay scale type

2) Pay scale area

3) Employee subgroup grouping for CAP

4) Pay Scale Group and Pay Scale Level


  • 17 Nov 2010 4:14 am Helpful Answer

    PCR allows a wage type to be processed in different ways (one group of employee says salaried will have some calculation whilst another group will have different-say hourly earners for ex) on the other hand collective agreement type and area (Pay scale type and payscale area in short) is significant for indirect valuation of wage types in 0008 infotype. 

    Basic pay in PA0008 is dervied from Payscale type.