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What is Wage Type Permissibility?

Updated Jan 13, 2024

The determination of wage type permissibility refers to whether a specific wage type (e.g., XXXX) is permitted in certain info types such as 0008, 0014, 0015, and others.

For example, the Basic Pay wage type logically belongs to the 0008 infotype, serving as the foundation for an employee's salary. It would not make sense to assign this Basic Pay wage type to the 0015 infotype, as it represents an additional payment for a specific month. This example illustrates the concept that each info type has specific permissible wage types.

There are wage types that are allowed for each infotype, and this determination ensures that the correct information is associated with the relevant infotypes in the HR system.

There are two key aspects to consider:

  • Permissibility of Wage Types (WT) for Infotypes: This involves allowing your Wage Types as input in the relevant Infotype. You can manage this through table V_T512Z.

  • Permissibility of Wage Types for Employee Subgrouping (ESG) and Personnel Subarea (PSA): This focuses on enabling your Wage Types for ESG and PSA. You can configure this aspect using table V_511_B.

The permissibility of Wage Types is an integral component of the Wage Type Tool, which is designed to facilitate the configuration of wage types within your system.

The Wage Type Tool streamlines this process through a series of eight wizards. These wizards guide users through step-by-step, question-and-answer-driven screens, simplifying the configuration compared to previous methods. With the Wage Type Tool, you can:

  • View all the characteristics of a model wage type (e.g., eligibility, valuation, etc.).
  • Select individual wage type(s) for copying.
  • Set the basic configurations for the wage type.

Using the Wage Type Tool offers several advantages:

  • Reducing implementation costs.
  • Simplifying and expediting the implementation process.
  • Minimizing training requirements for end users.

To initiate the Wage Type Tool, enter the transaction code hrwtt00main on the SAP Easy Access screen. The system will present a list of wizards along with on-screen instructions, guiding you through the configuration process.