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HIDE Statement in SAP ABAP

Updated May 18, 2018

What will exactly the hide statement do?

For displaying the details on secondary lists requires that you have previously stored the contents of the selected line from within the program. To do this, ABAP/4 provides the HIDE statement. This statement stores the current field contents for the current list line. 

When calling a secondary list from a list line for which the HIDE fields are stored, the system fills the stored values back into the variables in the program. In the program code, insert the HIDE statement directly after the WRITE statement for the current line. Interactive lists provide the user with the so-called ‘INTERACTIVE REPORTING’ facility. For background processing the only possible method of picking the relevant data is through ‘NON INTERACTIVE REPORT’. 

After starting a background job, there is no way of influencing the program. But whereas for dialog sessions there are no such restrictions.