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CNTL_ERROR ABAP short dump

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP ABAP short dump with "CNTL_ERROR" while using an input script. 

The message "CNTL_ERROR" appear when you are using some ot the SAP enjoy transaction code like ME21N / ME22N / ME23N.

These are bugs causes by the earlier version of the SAPGUI. With newer versions of SAP GUI and R/3 includes external controls called as ActiveX (OCXs). ABAP code internally issues some commands to flush and refresh these controls.

Since, when using GuiXT and input scripting, these controls are not created, and ABAP dumps.

Use keyword “Enable controls” (without quotes on a separate line) in a screen block that has a ActiveX control.


Screen SAPLCOIH.3000

Enter “/Menu=4,1,5”

Screen SAPLSP01.0100

Enter “=No”

Screen RIPLKo10.1000

Enable controls

Set F[Group] “UG”

Enter “/8”