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SAP IS (Industry Solutions) Certification Fee and Course Duration in India

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SAP IS (Industry Solutions) Certification Fee and Course Duration in India

SAP Industry Solutions (IS) Courses

Along with providing a brief overview of various SAP IS-U components and their tools, a course in SAP IS (Industry Solutions) provides in-depth knowledge about the various SAP navigation skills and their integration with other modules. Courses in industry specific solutions are usually offered by companies dealing in particular SAP modules that are important for their core business processes. The duration and fees structures of these particular courses vary from one institute / organization to another and are dependent on the methodologies followed by the same. The proficiency levels of a candidate, his/ her experience in the field of SA applications and prior knowledge in regards to specific industry operations, are strong determining factors for the valuation and extent of these courses.

To pursue a course in SAP IS, an individual must possess:

  • A university degree in one of the specialized fields: M. Sc, MCA, BE, B.Sc, ME, MBA, etc.
  • Sound knowledge pertaining to a particular industry, it’s operations, mode of delivery and other processes
  • An awareness of SAP and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tools.
  • Basic knowledge of information technology and basic computer terminology.
  • Good communication and time management skills.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP Industry Solutions (IS)

A certification in Sap IS helps candidates seize opportunities in their industry, even as they look towards the growing ones beyond traditional industry boundaries. With in-depth knowledge in industry-specific functionality and SAP components, candidates can take further advantage of industry best practices, preconfigured processes and benchmarking.

After going through the training sessions of this course, SAP IS trainers, coordinators and managers can:

  • Provide industrial units and organizations with the specific capabilities that they need - in a scalable, cost-effective and robust manner.
  • Support any size of business by relying on software applications modeled for flexibility.
  • Leverage the advantages of end-to-end SAP IS Business Processes that cover diverse functional areas. in-memory computing, business analytics and mobility with confidence.

A course in SAP IS is most suitable for:

  • Project leaders, project team members, SAP consultants and those related to the departments of planning and controlling of specific industry solutions.
  • IT professionals who serve the task of supporting business processes in industrial units.
  • Customers and consultants with expertise in specialized ERP products.
  • Freshers from any disciple like B. Sc., M. Sc., B. Tech, M.Tech and MBA. They should be familiar with the SAP environment and possess knowledge of the industry which they desire to target.

Become a Certified SAP IS Consultant

Along with making a career in the field of SAP IS U/ CCS, candidates may look for well paying jobs in the SAP IS-Retail domain - which involves package related business transformations, configuration, functional gap analysis, work-around, closure and customization. A minimum of 3-4 years of experience in two complete life cycle implementations of this module is essential for offering functional guidance and valuable inputs to the team.

SAP IS professionals,

  • Should be able to tackle technical and functional obstacles in the project.
  • Effectively communicate with external/ internal stake-holders.
  • Have the ability to live up to client expectations, develop leaders within their teams and foresee risks.

With all this and a lot more in store, the SAP IS module is the right way to go. Join up today and say “hello” to a more lucrative SAP career.