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SAP QM (Quality Management) Certification Fee and Course Duration in India

Updated May 18, 2018

SAP QM (Quality Management) Course

The important tasks covered in this module are of

Quality Planning: the creation and management of master data that is required to plan and complete inspections.

Quality Inspection: the identification of whether an inspection unit meets specified criteria.

Quality Certificates : documents that contain text, value, and inspection results, which are used to certify the material used.

Quality Notifications : the recording and processing of internal or external problems that result from poor quality.

Quality Control : the combination of specification from inspection planning, results from quality inspections, and quality notifications form the basis for quality control.

Test Equipment Management: the management of test equipment in the form of master data records in SAP. 

SAP QM courses provide adequate training for user transactions and competent customization of quality management techniques; along with imparting basic knowledge on real time scenarios for dealing with day-to-day problems in organizations. The course fees vary from one institution to another and are in the range of INR 37K to 4 lacs; for a period of 3 to 20 days.

The topics included in this course are:

  • Introduction to ERP and SAP and an overview of QM and its regulatory standards.
  • The importance of Supply Chain Processes in QM.
  • Quality inspection and planning.
  • Quality certificates and notifications.
  • Quality control and Audit Management.
  • Management of test equipments.
  • Management of QM data.
  • Formatting of analysis and reports on the basis of Inspection lots.

Scope and Opportunity of a Career in SAP Quality Management (QM)

The SAP QM course introduces candidates to the basic concepts of business processes and quality management. Providing in-depth understanding and skills for using the customized SAP QM (Quality Management) module and helping candidates grasp the various concepts of QM; this tool helps in mapping the overall SAP System in an effective way. It integrates with and efficiently manages the functionalities of an organization’s quality management system. By enrolling for the course, students learn how to use data in different plans and observe the ways in which the available data influences inspection plans.

Best suited for team members and project managers linked with the quality management department of an organization, it helps in easing their tasks of inspection, checking other functionalities, finishing their task within specified deadlines and availing good career options.

The SAP QM Course is also suitable for:

  • Candidates with an MBA, B.Tech or M.Tech degree, provided they are aware of prevailing quality standards and have the basic knowledge of computer skills like ERP systems, internet tools and Excel sheets.
  • SAP consultants desirous of moving towards functional areas and looking at new career paths. With prior knowledge in SAP , they can enhance their scope of getting smart QM jobs that pay higher salaries