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Recurring Inspections type and Steps for using Inspections type 09

Updated May 18, 2018

What is Recurring Inspections type?

In Recurring Inspections type the system can automatically create inspection lots at predefined intervals for selected batch materials. In other words Recurring Inspections type is used when you have to inspect the batch material as per the specific time interval.

For e.g if you want that the expiry date of each product has to be inspected at every 6 months...then if you set up recurring inspection type and enter the inspection interval in material master, then system will create a inspection lot and you can reject or acccept this batch.

Recurring inspections are triggered by a report that you can execute manually or that the system can execute automatically (provided it has been planned as a background job). When recurring inspections are triggered automatically, the background job executes the report, which in turn selects the batches and creates the inspection lots according to your processing parameters.

The steps for using Recurring inspection type 09.

1) In QM material master view define Inspection Interval.

2) In inspection setup, Activate 09 inspection type by ticking on active.

3) Make quality plan for that material using '09' usage.

4) In QA05  define a variant for recurring inspection lot generation.

5) Select that defined variant and put that material, plant and batch. please tick on " to inspection lot creation" (in maintain varient screen). If you don't do this lot will not be generated.

6) select the variant and then press schedule tab.

7) click on scedule one / periofically and select the desired frequency.

8) as per defined frequency system will that program and lot will be generated auromatically. If you want to generate lot immediatly.

9) check the effect of this on that batch, in MSC2N system will display next inspection interval based on data you maintained.

10) In QA32 put material, batch and 09 type, the lot will be displayed.