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Prevent deleting TSCO tasks of notifications

How to prevent deleting TSCO tasks of notifications?


In order to avoid deleting TSCO tasks of notifications, you have to create a user status profile and a user status which will prevent deleting the task. Then assign the user status profile to the related notification type.

Please follow the steps below:

  • First, create a user status profile in BS02 and assign object type 'Tasks'.
  • Now create 2 users status

  • One will allows completing tasks and deleting tasks 

  • The other user status will be set once tasks are completed. It will prohibit deleting tasks.

  • Now assign the user status profile to the notification type. Customizing path t-code QCC2 -> Quality Notifications -> Notification Processing -> Status Management -> Define Status Profile -> Status Profile for Notification Type :

After performing all the setting above the result will look like as shown below:

  • First please create a new notification in transaction code QM01.
  • Now create a task. It is a system status is TSOS and user status is dele.

  • Complete the task: The system status will become TSCO and user status will become NODE.

  • Now when you try to delete the task. A status error will popup which will avoid the deletion.