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Change Inspection Stock of Material in SAP QM

Updated May 18, 2018

How to clear inspection stock?

I had activated PO receipt inspection 01 type for a material. After which a PO was made of the same material. I did result recording and stock posting through QA32 for some inspection lots. Everything was working fine.

But recently the 01 type inspection for the same material was deactivated. Now when the PO for the same material got receipted stock got posted to quality stock and no inspection lot is created for the same. Now I am not able to post it to unrestricted stock.

I have tried the following methods but returned error:

1) To cancel the document or reverse the PO receipt in MIGO-but system returned error, mentioning that stock posting has to be done through QM.

2) Creating a manual lot in 01 type

3) Stock transfer through MB1B

What should I do to post the material back unrestricted stock?


  • 21 Aug 2008 3:47 am yogini Helpful Answer

    To clear material from QI stock go to T_code QA08 enter material number and plant. In activate insp. type, set assign inspection type indicator and enter 01 insp. type, excute. System will show you that material and its QI stock - save.

    conclusion :

    1) Single inspection lot for quantity which is present in QI stock will be created with inspection lot origin 08. This lot can be cleared as per requirment from T _code QA32 and transferred to unrestricted use. Thus there will be no QI stock.

    2) Inspection type 01 will be activated and this problem will not be repeated again.

  • 25 Jul 2009 4:14 am Guest

    I have created Purch order for a material with 01 inspection type(qm quality inspection during Po GR).

    now after gr i have done QA32 carried out usage decision.

    The stock is in unrestricted , now i want to cancel Gr due to change in Price of material.

    I have tried alot to bring the stock to Quality , or revese the document. But i m unable to do .

    Pls do need full , its an urgent Bussiness Requirement.

    Regards ,

    Pavan PP

  • 25 Jul 2009 5:09 am J.K.Pavan Kumar

    I want to cancel the Gr with inspection lot 01(inspection wit purchase order)

    Gr is done, now the stock is in Unrestricted.

    Pls let me know the solution,


  • 03 Oct 2009 9:57 am Kashif Shakil
    Please manual release process T_Code MB1B and movement type 322. to move material to QI status.


    Kashif Shakil
  • 24 Aug 2017 10:56 pm Guest

    There is one SAP Note to reverse the UD.Also you need to assign T-code for movement type in OMJJ.After reversing the UD system allow you to cancel the GRN