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QM (Quality Management) Transaction Codes

SAP QM T-codes

T-Codes Function
Q000 Quality management
QA00 Quality inspection
QA01 Create Inspection Lot
QA01A  Create Inspection Lot
QA02 Change Inspection Lot
QA02A  Change Inspection Lot
QA03 Display inspection lot
QA05 Job planning: Periodic inspection
QA06 Job overview: Periodic inspection
QA07 Trigger for recurring inspection
QA07L  Deadline Monitoring Log
QA08 Collective Processing of Insp. Setup
QA09 No. range maintenance for insp.lots
QA10 Trigger automatic usage decision
QA10L  Log for Automatic Usage Decision
QA11 Record usage decision
QA12 Change usage decision with history
QA13 Display usage decision
QA14 Change UD without history
QA16 Collective UD for accepted lots
QA17 Job planning for auto usage decision
QA18 Job overview for auto usage decision
QA19 Automatic usage decision
QA22 Change inspection point quantities
QA23 Display insp.point quantities
QA32 Change data for inspection lot
QA32 WP QA32 -Call from Workplace/MiniApp
QA33 Display data for inspection lot
QA40 Auto. Usage Decision for Production
QA40L  Log for Automatic Usage Decision
QA41 Scheduling UD for Production Lots
QA42 Job planning: UD prod. insp.lots
QA51 Scheduling Source Inspections
QA52 Source inspections: Job overview
QAC1 Change insp. lot actual quantity
QAC2 Transfer stock to insp. lot
QAC3 Reset sample
QAER Display archive objects
QAS1 Download Insp. Specs. (Obsolete)
QAS2 Download Basic Data (Obsolete)
QAS3 Upload Results (Obsolete)
QAS4 Upload UD (Obsolete)
QC01 Create certificate profile
QC02 Change certificate profile
QC03 Display certificate profile
QC06 Immediate delete of cert. profiles
QC11 Create cert. profile assignment
QC12 Change cert. profile assignment
QC13 Display cert. profile assignment
QC14 Create model
QC15 Create cert. profile assignment
QC16 Change cert. profile assignment
QC17 Display cert. profile assignment
QC18 Create model
QC20 Certificates for Deliveries
QC21 Quality certificate for the insp.lot
QC22 Quality Certificate for Batch
QC31 Archive display: Delivery item
QC32 Archive display: Inspection lot
QC40 Internet Certificate for Delivery
QC40A  Internet Certificate for Delivery
QC42 Batch certificate on WWW
QC51 Create certificate in procurement
QC52 Change certificate in procurement
QC53 Display certificate in procurement
QC55 Worklist: Certificates - Procurement
QCC0 QM: Direct Access to IMG
QCC1 Direct Access to IMG: Notification
QCC2 IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Notification
QCC3 IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Inspection
QCC4 IMG Direct Access: QM Q-Planning
QCC5 IMG Direct Selection: QM Bus. Add-In
QCC_ STABI Copy Stability Study Customizing
QCC_ STABI_NK Copy Stability Study Number Ranges
QCCC QM standard settings complete
QCCF QM standard forms
QCCK QM standard settings: Catalogs
QCCM QM std. settings: Qual. notifs.
QCCN QM standard number ranges
QCCP QM std. settings: Quality planning
QCCS QM sampling schemes
QCCT QM standard texts
QCCU QM standard settings: Environment
QCCW QM std. settings: Quality inspection
QCCY Transport QM tolerance key
QCCZ QM std. settings: Qual. certificates
QCE2 Edit Communication Support
QCE3 Display Communication Support
QCYF QM standard forms (general)
QCYT QM standard texts (general)

Inspection lot / Info record

T-codes Function
QALS Inspection lot record
QAMB Link inspection lot - material document
QAVE Inspection usage decision
QDPS Inspection stages
QMAT Inspection type - material parameters
QINF Inspection info record (vendor - material)
QDQL Quality level
QDPS Inspection stages

Quality Notification

T-codes Function
TQ80 Notification types
QMEL Quality notification
QMFE Quality notification – items
QMUR Quality notification – causes
QMSM Quality notification – tasks
QMMA Quality notification – activities
QMIH Quality message - maintenance data excerpt

Certificate Profile

T-codes Function
QCVMT Certificate profile characteristic level: texts
QCVM Certificate profile characteristic level
QCVK Certificate profile header