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Adding Extra Field On Notification

Updated May 18, 2018

Is there a way to add an extra field on the QM Notification underneath the Subject section below the Coding & Description fields? The customer is wanting to add a Root Cause field and description. Running version 4.6C.

Notification type determines the origin, content and other features of service, maintenance and quality notifications.

Maintenance notifications:
- Malfunction report
- Activity report
- Maintenance request

Service notifications:
- Problem notification
- Service request
- Activity report

Quality notifications:
- Complaints against the vendor
- Customer complaints
- Internal problems

In the IMG Config:

Menu Path: Quality Management -> Quality Notification -> Notification Types -> Define screen areas for notification types


Choose 'Define screen areas'


Click on 'New entries' button

Now, select the relevant Notification Type and click in 'Enter'.

Select the 'Iten Cases' register and remember to setup the Tabstrip Header, Icon, etc.

Set the 'Tabstrip active' flag.

Then Save, Test and Transport to your Production environment.