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How to Analyse High RFC time in ST03N, Solution Manager and STAD

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello SAP Experts,

High RFC time: Performance troubleshooting

How can we analyse High RFC time in ST03N, Solution Manager and STAD?


  • 03 Apr 2017 7:05 pm Nitesh Singh Helpful Answer

    1) Network Performance Issues

    First, find out the server client and Destination ie. target system in ST03 with the following path

    • Workload overview -> Select time profile -> RFC client destination -> Select report -> Note "local server" and "remote server name" in pop-up window

    Then with a NIPING trace find out thr RTT (Round trip time) issues or network bottleneck.

    • SAP document 1100926 - FAQ: Network Performance and 500235 - Network Diagnosis with NIPING

    Note: There must be a connection problem due to low throughput (tr2 on Niping trace) or the RTT is greater than 0.7 (av2 on NIPING trace)

    2) Slow running jobs between different SAP systems (for example ERP and BW)

    This doesn't have one single solution because it could be application or database specific.

    In this case, the target system can be overloaded with multiple work processes or there is high I/O wait time for sequential reads.

    Please read the below recommendation which is suggested for identifying an issue:

    • First, observe the global work processes during the period of high RFC time via SM66 and note the amount of occupied work process
    • Second please observe the PID(Process ID) via STAD in order to observe the individual wait time for the process.

    The reports which are slow between two systems and have high RFC time can be traced with ST12.

    And if the RFC time is between external system, it would be recommended to trace this on both sides in order to determine the source of the issue.

    3) Unavailable RFC resources

    Please also check the following for load balancing with RFC resources:

    • For Kernel versions under 740: SAP Document 986373 - RFC load distribution
    • For Kernel versions 740 and higher: SAP Notes 74141, 2129291 and 2001276.

    4) Misreported response Time 

    • In order to determine if this is a case please note the high RFC time and determine if it can be associated with a slow running job.
    • Then note the average response time per dialog step in ST03.
    • If this response time is unrealistic then there must be a problem with how the RFC time is being displayed.

    See the following documents for more info 2071875, 570751, 2241334 & 1026459