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Automate Datamart in GRC system

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Automate Datamart in GRC system

How to automate datamart in GRC system?

It is difficult for the user to create datamart for different combinations of the frequency every week or month. So how can we automate the creation of datamart.


Please follow the steps below in order to automate datamart in Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) system

  • First, execute the t-code SM30
  • Now please enter table name "GRFNDMLOGFDKLS"

Now if the datamart is uploaded using the report GRFN_DATAMART_UPLOAD, then the current date will be used to calculate the month and week timeframes and then these timeframes will be uploaded.

Please make sure that the program GRFN_DATAMART_UPLOAD must run regularly in order to make the functionality work correctly.

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