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BAPIs in Production Order and Process Order

Updated May 18, 2018

FAQ- BAPIs in Production Order and Process order

How are the BAPIs BAPI_PRODORD_GET_DETAIL (determining detail data for production orders) and BAPI_PROCORD_GET_DETAIL (getting detail data for process orders) to be used?

These BAPIs are intended to provide order data for customer-specific programs. These BAPIs must not be used in the update.

Is it also possible to use the BAPI BAPI_PRODORDER_CREATE to create an order for the WBS element (in the same way as for transaction CO10) or for the sales order (in the same way as for transaction CO08)?

No, the BAPI BAPI_PRODORDER_CREATE provides the function of the transactions CO01. In the standard system, there is currently no BAPI that maps the transactions CO08 or CO10 to create an order.

Is a user dialog available when using BAPIs?

No, a user dialog is not provided.

Can you use BAPI_PRODORD_CREATE or BAPI_PROCORD_CREATE to create an order if a scheduling is set based on production dates?

The BAPI interface only provides parameters for the basic dates. By implementing the modification doc. 1956185, you can ensure that these dates are interpreted as production dates, if the indicator "Scheduling based on production dates" is set in Customizing for the scheduling parameters.

When you use the BAPI BAPI_PRODORD_GET_DETAIL, the system returns positive values in the table COMPONENT, even though negative valulues are displayed in the order display (transaction CO03) in the component overview. Why?

The BAPI returns the data of the reservation (table RESB). In the database, you cannot store any negative values. If required, the display of the component overview in the order converts these values into negative values due to the movement type.

As a consequence, the BAPI returns correct positive values; in further processing of the data, the movement type must be taken into account.