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Routing and Work Centers in SAP PP

For SAP PP consultants, it is very important to understand the concept of SAP workcenters as well as routings in SAP.

Routing describes a production process. Routings in production planning specify the sequence of the operations. Routings also contain other production information such as where the work will be performed, the time required to carry out the work, materials and equipment required etc. Based on the type of workorder, a special selection procedure is used to choose the correct routing.

Workcenters are an important part of production planning in SAP. In the simplest terms, workcenter is a location where a particular operation is executed. Workcenters help in identifying the location where the work is going to be performed. Workcenters are used in production tasklists and in production orders. There are various ways of looking at workcenters in SAP, where workcenters can be used as capacity collectors for internal and external processing. Thus, workcenter is a location where production relating resources are consumed by production and manufacturing activities.