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Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) for ETM

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Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) for ETM

The following business add-ins (BAdIs) are used for ETM(Equipment and Tools Management)

  • J_3G_BADI_VS   Shipping Document
  • J_3G_DISPO_BADI_REQ   ETM Requisition Note
  • J_3G_DISPO_BADI_PT01  ETM Planning Board
  • J_3G_DISPO_BADI_PT02  Planning Board - Define Individual Function Codes
  • /SAPCEM/SD_MATERIAL  Choose Material for Sales and distribution SD Settlement    
    This BAdI enables you to choose the material you require for ETM price list determination and settlement in the sales order. If you decide not to implement this BAdI, the system uses the Customizing settings under Logistics – General  -> Equipment and Tools Management (ETM)  -> Operations and Functions -> Activity Types and Settlement Types  -> Assign Activity/Settlement Types to Equipment Types.

and the following user exit:

  • J_3G_CHARGE  Batch Determination in Shipping Document