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Use CDN SAPUI5 version in SAP Fiori Launchpad

Updated Aug 06, 2018

How to use a CDN SAPUI5 version in Fiori Launchpad?

Regenerating the issue:

  • First, open the Fiori Launchpad
  • If in case this configuration is not made then probably user will have to load SAPUI5 version which is installed in his  system
  • User also need to use SAPUI5 version located on


This can be used to test or for using the different SAPUI5 version of the one that is installed locally.

Please follow the steps below in order to use a CDN SAPUI5 version in Fiori Launchpad:

1) First, you need catalog 'SAP: Configuration for enabling CDN' which by default comes in  SAP_UI 750 and above and connection to the Internet (for accessing CDN).

2) Then open the SAP Fiori Launchpad Designer for the CUST layer (e.g. by using t-code /ui2/flpd_cust)

3) Now navigate to the Target Mapping configuration

4) There you need to set the following parameters

  • /ui5/cdn/enabled - Default Value  set as   "true" : for enabling CDN resource consumption
  • /ui5/cdn/url - Default Value  set as in order to specify the url of the CDN and the SAPUI5 version user want to consume.

Note: Please do not use parameter '/ui5/cdn/url' for SAP_UI 7.51 and above and also make sure check that the SAP document 2402766 is applied if you are at SP01. The loaded SAPUI5 library will come from the ABAP frontend server.