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MM Fiori Approval Apps Interview Question and Answer

Updated May 18, 2018

MM Fiori Approval Apps FAQ

How can we handle known issues for the following MM Fiori apps:

  • Approve Purchase Requisitions
  • Approve Purchase Orders
  • Approve Purchase Contracts

In many cases the issues are not related to the specfic SAP Fiori App, but to general installation issues, such as the Fiori Launchpad, Workflow customizing, or service enabling.

A) General prerequisites

Please find general information for installation and customizing under the following link:

  • System Landscape Required for SAP Fiori
  • Select language English or German

B) Application-specific documentation (Featurtes, Customizing...)

Please find application-specific information under the link below. Additional information concering extensibility options and product versions necessary for front-end UI and back end can also be found there:

Open URL:

Known issues:

Insufficient roles/authorizations for Fiori approval user

  • Please check whether the user for Fiori approval apps has sufficient authorizations to approve/reject documents directly using transaction SBWP.

Correct links for Fiori Lanchpad

  • If you have already installed the first version of the Firoi apps (software component "UIAPP001 100" (Wave 1) and now want to install the latest version of the SAP Fiori principal apps, ensure that the correct Fiori links are used. 

Pattern of the Fiori link of the old software component "UIAPP001 100" (Wave 1): https:///sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/launchpage/home.html?  (obsolete)

Pattern of the Fiori link of the the latest version "UIX01EAP 100" (Wave 2): https:///sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html?
C) Workflow (WF) Configuration and Customizing

As a prerequisite of any document in the Fiori workitem list (list of items to be approved/rejected), each document for approval must also appear in the workflow inbox of the corresponding ERP back-end system.

You may have a WF-configuration problem if the Purchase Orders (PO), Purchase Requisitions (PR), or Purchase Contracts (PC) do not appear in the list to approve or reject.

a) Check whether the Fiori apps are of software component "UIAPP001 100" (Wave 1) or of the latest version "" UIX01EAP 100 (Wave 2)  

In wave 1 the WF is configured in the gateway system, in wave 2 in the ERP back-end system

WAVE 1: The WFs in gateway system can be displayed following the path:


  • SAP Reference IMG
  • SAP Customizing Implementation Guide
  • Materials Management
  • Purchasing
  • Purchase Requisition/Purchase Order/ Contract
  • Approve Requisitions App/ Approve Purchase Orders App/ Approve Purchase contracts App
  • Specify Workflow Task IDs for Approve Requisitions/Purchase Orders/Contracts App

In the view the workflow task ID is shown. The task ID of your appoval workflow should be listed there. The Fiori app will not work if no task ID has been specified. The task types defined for the approval apps can be found in the WF transaction.

WAVE 2: The WF in the ERP back-end system can be displayed following the path:


  • SAP Reference IMG 
  • SAP Customizing Implementation Guide
  • Gateway Service Enablement 
  • Content 
  • Task Gateway service 
  • Context service settings 
  • Scenario Definition

In the view the task definition for the scenario is shown. The task ID of your appoval workflow should be listed there.

The Fiori app will not work if no task ID has been specified.

2. Compare if the task ID is the same as in the Workflow definition.

In the back-end system, go to transaction SWETYPV. You should look for the respective receiver type of the BUS object types. The objects types are assigned as follows:

PO= BUS2012
PC= BUS2014
PR= BUS2105
PR Item= BUS2009

b) Copy the receiver type.  For example, if there are many BUS2012, you should check which one has the type linkage field checked.
c) Go to transaction SWDD and paste the copied receiver type into the workflow field. You can check the step of the workflow that releases the PO, PC or PR.
d) Check if the task ID is displayed in the tab control of the release step.
e) Is the task number identical to the task number found in the back-end system (for WAVE 2) or the gateway system (for WAVE 1)?

If you approve a PO, PR or PC with Fiori and the approved item still appears in the list to approve or reject in the Fiori check, check if you are using a different workflow ID from our standard. The following WF IDs are used in the standard:

PO: WS20000075
PR on header level: WS20000077
PR Item: WS00000038
PC: WS20000079

For checking whether you have a different WF ID:

Go to transaction SWETYPV
In the inbox/Workflow, select either a PR, a PO, or a PC
Click the button ''Display' (the 'glasses' icon).
In the new screen go to the menu Extras/Technical Data.
In the new window in the tab 'Header', check the value of the field Task ID of Workflow.
If the value of this field is different to the above listed WFs, you could have a customer-specific WF problem.

For solving this problem you should check the following SAP Notes:

PO: 1958954
PR: 1958912
PC: 1955998

D) oData Services and Gateway Client

Logon to the Gateway system and execute transaction "/iwfnd/maint_service".

Please check if the following services are listed as External Service Names in the Service catalog:


In addition, check if the RFC connections listed under System Aliases between gateway and ERP backend system are correct. 

If the Services are in the list, double click on the External Service Name. In the ICF Nodes screen, press the Gateway Client button to enter the Gateway Client screen.  

Otherwise, you can use Transaction: /IWFND/GW_CLIENT and execute the following OData request URI:

for Purchase Requisitions:


for Purchase Order:


for Purchase Contracts:


On the HTTP Response screen the status of the execution must be 200.

If HTTP Response is not 200, you may have some issues regarding the service connection setting.  

E) General UI issues

Before creating a ticket, please check if the required essentials are provided (refer to the general checklist).

Wrong Date issues (Delivery Date)

The Date on the User Interface is not equal to the back-end system
Delivery Date between back end and UI is not equal (difference in most cases one day, e.g. ERP backend 20.11.2014 <-> UI 21.11.2014 ) 


In case your delivery date on the UI is not equal to your back-end system, please implement SAP Note 2002954 as a correction for this issue. Please be aware that the requirement for this SAP Note is SP02 stack of the software component version UIX01EAP 100.

Text Translation Issues 

The translation of the text in incorrect
The content of the translated text is incorrect


In this case please create a ticket with the component: MM-FIO-PUR


Attachments cannot be displayed


Check whether a suitable software is available/implemented on the devices where the attached files can be displayed properly. 

Issues based on Mobile Devices

The app works fine on the desktop environment and in the corresponding browsers, but on mobile devices, issues occur


For a list of supported mobile devices and browsers on the desktop, via the link below: 

If your device is listed in the supported mobile device/browser list, please create a ticket with component: MM-FIO-PUR.

Launchpad issues

Items in the corresponding app are (partly) incorrectly displayed.
Launchpad could not load.
Fiori tiles are not launching apps (also for mobile devices).


In this case please create a ticket for the component CA-FE-FLP-EU or, in case of Launchpad administration issues, choose this component CA-FE-FLP-ADM.


  • 28 Mar 2017 6:15 pm Dyeni Tocino

    Question Please Help.

    we have a problem PO approver the people of the PO is resigned now we need to assigned new people to approve the PO,ut all old PO assign to the old people cannot see the new approver in fiori apps. pls help