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Changing error message to a warning

Updated May 18, 2018

Hi Everyone,
Is there a way by which an error message in SAP can be changed to a warning message with the help of GUIXT.


  • 04 Aug 2010 10:40 am rekha Helpful Answer
    You can capture the error message in GuiXT and then show the user whatever you want, but it's still going to be an error message as far as SAP is concerned. Many times, the SAP configuration can be changed so a default error comes up as a warning or an information message.
    If you just want to change the way the error message is displayed to the user then GuiXT can do this. Standard SAP gives the error message "Business transaction cannot be carried out" when trying to print a PM order that has not been released (using iw3d) but that doesn't mean much to the end user. I capture that message and show the user "You must release the work order before printing".
    if V[_message]
    Set V[z_error_msg] "&[_message] "
    if v[z_printing] and v[z_error_msg= Function code cannot be
    message "Error: Please release Work Order before printing."
    set v[z_printing] ""
    message "&V[z_error_ msg]."