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Check Patch level of PI ESR contents

09 May 2018 12:03 pm || 0

How to check the patch level of PI ESR contents?

This tutorial explains how to check the Patch Level of the PI SAP Basis ESR content / SFTP ADAPTER XI CONTENT. 


  • First Call transaction sxmb_ifr
  • Now please log in to the Enterprise Services Builder
  • Then navigate to SAP Basis -> SAP BASIS 7.10 -> Details (tab)
  • The latest SAP Basis SP release is available in the Available Support Packages field 

  • The latest SFTP ADAPTER XI CONTENT is available from the SFTP ADAPTER object in the Available Support Packages field.

Note: As per as SAP recommendation the SAP Basis ESR content have the same SP release as the Process Integration (PI) system