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Create Inspection Method

In this tutorial, you will learn step by step process to create a new inspection method in SAP QM.

What is Inspection Method in SAP QM?

SAP QM inspection methods define the type of Inspection. It helps users to plan a systematic and economical inspection. We can assign an inspection method to the master inspection characteristics or directly to inspection characteristics in an inspection plan.

Feature of Inspection Method

  • The inspection method is used for the implementation of the inspection
  • The inspection method also helps to define the qualifications for inspectors. 
  • Users can use inspection methods as master records independently of a task list and therefore a user can use one master record multiple times in various different task lists
  • The inspection method can be modified or edited centrally

How to Create Inspection Method?

Please follow the steps below to create an inspection method:

Execute t-code: QS31 in the SAP command field


On the next screen, enter the following data:

  • Plant Code.
  • Enter the name of the inspection method to be created.
  • Enter inspection method’s validity date

nspection Details

Next, click the Inspection Method button to proceed

Inspection Method

Now, on the next screen, enter the following data:

  • Status: Set Status field as Released.
  • Short Text: Enter the short for the inspection method
  • Search Field: Enter the search field for searching for inspection methods.

Inspection Details

Once all the details have been filled click the Save button to save the new Inspection method


A new Inspection method has been created

Inspection method created