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Create Realistic Beard with Grass Brush Tool in Photoshop

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Create Realistic Beard with Grass Brush Tool in Photoshop

How to Add Facial Hair in Photoshop?

The things you need to look for before creating facial hair is that it’s not all the same colors, there are some dark colors closer to black and there are some colours closer to brown. There are some highlights that you get when the light gets reflected on the black hair. So, you need to add all these variations to the brush.

To create facial hair via Grass brush tool, please follow the steps below:

1) Select the Image of which you want to grow Beard.

2) Select Brush tool and select Grass Brush

3) With 'Eyedropper' tool please choose the color of the hair.

4) Click on 'Brush Settings'

5) Setting of Shape Dynamics:

  • minimum Diameter :0%
  • Angle Jitter: 15

Leave other settings as default

6) Scattering Settings

  • Scatter: 150%
  • Count: 5 (To make a thicker Beard )

7) Now click on the 'Size Dynamics' again and select 'Flip X 'Jitter and 'Flip Y' Jitter that will flip some of the hairs created using the new brush. You can adjust the spacing to increase or decrease the density of hair.w create a new layer on the top of you Picture.

8) Now start filling the face with facial hair at your desired location using the grass tool brush. To add color variations just sample a part of the facial hair and use that color.

9) Draw the hair in the direction in which hair would naturally grow to get a more realistic effect. You can also change the brush size if you want to create a different kind of facial hair, like stubble. Finally, you get a different facial hair after Photoshop.

10) You can add more facial hair to make any further changes in the facial hair style. You can also take more color samples and highlights and use them to make it more realistic.

At the end take Eraser tool and erase unwanted hairs.

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