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How to Print Passport size Photo in A4 Photo Paper Photoshop (32 Copies)

08 Sep 2016 2:36 pm || 0

Before starting the tutorial, here are some basic settings (prerequisite) for Adobe Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop "document resolution setting" for Print

Resolution: 300 Pixels/Inch

Passport Size Photo Size

Aspects Width Height
Pixels 450 600
Inches 1.5 2
Centimeter (cm) 3.81 5.08

Stamp Size Photo Size

Aspects Width Height
Pixels 236 295
Inches 0.787 0.983
Centimeter (cm) 2 2.5

A4 Paper Size

Aspects Width Height
Pixels 3600 2400
Inches 12 8
Centimeter (cm) 30.48 20.32

Start your Adobe Photoshop

1. Open your photo of which you want to print in passport size photo.

File >> Open (open your photo which you want to print in passport size photo)

Open Photo in Photoshop

2. Create a new document with given settings

File >> New

Width: 1.5 Inch
Height: 2 Inches
Resolution: 300

Create New Image

3. Now copy your photo from photo.jpg to your new document

Copy Image

4. Adjust the photo to fit into a new document

Select your photo layer and press "Ctrl + T" to Free Transform the layer, and adjust the photo in to screen as shown in the image while adjusting image please select the button "Maintain aspect ratio" as shown in the image, by doing this your image won't get stretched.

Maintain aspect ratio

5. Crop your Photo according to the screen

Select the Crop Tool by pressing "C" or selecting Crop Icon from the tool menu.

Crop Tool C

Now click on the document as shown in the image your screen will get auto-selected and then enter.

Crop Image

It will Crop you photo according to the document.

6. Add Stroke

Now "give stroke" to your image as we have "border" in passport size photos.

Double click on your layer a "Layer Style" window will come, now select stroke tab as shown in the image.

Select Stroke >> Set
Size: 10 px
Position: Inside
Color: #ffffff

And click on OK

Stroke to Photo

7. Define Pattern

Now click on Edit >> Define Pattern. It will allow you to create a pattern name, as shown in the image.

Create Pattern

8. Create A4 Paper

A4 Paper resolution

Width 12 Inch and Height 8 Inch

Create a new document,

Go to file menu Click on New, and create a new file with given settings,

Width: 12 inch
Height: 8 inch
Resolution: 300

Create A4 Paper

and click on Ok Button, a new blank page will get created.

Now Create one New layer.

9 Fill Pattern in New Document

Fill the pattern by selecting Bucket Tool >> Selecting Pattern that you have created >> and select or created pattern as given in the image.

Fill Pattern

and fill the new image with selected Pattern

A4 Paper with 32 Passport Size Photos

A4 Paper with 32 Passport Size Photos


Now take the print through Printer In A4 Paper. It will give you 32 Passport Size Photos.