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How Can I Customize the Standard Fiori Apps without using WEB IDE?

Jyoti Pandey || 15 Dec 2015 4:23 pm || 2

Hello Experts,

How can I customize the standard fiori apps without using web ide? Or I need to use only the eclipse tool.



  • 15 Dec 2015 4:24 pm Helpful Answer

    You can download the fiori app from ui5 Abap repository into one zip file and import into eclipse tool.

  • 15 Dec 2015 4:25 pm Helpful Answer

    you can connect eclipse to your fiori frontend server .
    1. In eclipse you need to have abap plugins installed. 

    2. then create a local sapui project and then right click-->team ->share --.> sapui5 abap repository --> using sapgui logon --> extract the project.

    3. Then again right click on project --> team --> retrieve , to bring in the whole project.