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EBICS Adapter in SAP PI

15 May 2018 12:31 pm || 0

 What is EBICS Adapter?

The Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS) Adapter enable user to control their SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) or Process Orchestration (PO) system in order to communicate with banks through EBICS protocol.


Important Points for EBICS

EBICS is not a standard PI Adapter
Using EBICS requires a special agreement/contract with SAP
Contact with your TQM in order resolve any issues related with EBICS Adapter. For this your system must be entitled to support.
The OSS message has to be opened on component XX-AMS-PI-EBICS

Why EBICS Needed for your Business

  • User is currently using FTAM Protocol or other proprietary bank-specifice-Banking products and he want to replace it with EBICS Protocol
  • User is using SAP NetWeaver Process Integration or Process Orchestration as their integration / orchestration platform.

Scope of EBICS Adapter

  • SAP Consulting procide fully functional adapter for EBICS
  • Service consists of EBICS adapter deployment in your landscape and handover as well as information transfer
  • Maintenance is possible via separate maintenance contract

Advantage of EBICS Adapter

  • EBICS provide standardization and automated communication between user and bank(s)
  • EBICS adapter completely integrates with your existing SAP NetWeaver PI/PO infrastructure (aligned operations, monitoring etc)
  • Speedy and systematic deployment in your SAP landscape
  • Less maintenance costs as it uses productized solution which has been proven in many customer environments