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Error in risk analysis

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Error in risk analysis


When in Risk Analysis and Remediation (RAR) > Informer tab > Risk Analysis screen, any attempt to run risk analysis or simulation for a specific system results in the error below:

VIRSAXSR3_0#: Cannot execute BAPI UserList: Error connecting using JCO.Client: null: Could not create JCOClientConnection for logical System: VIRSAXSR3_0#_MODEL - Model: class Please assure that you have configured the RFC connections and/or logical system name properly for this model!: Error while obtaining JCO connection.: Failed to resolve JCO destination name 'VIRSAXSR3_0#_MODEL' in the SLD. No such JCO destination is defined in the SLD. Cannot extract data from system (R3 Production System); for more details, refer to ccappcomp.n.logRC:1

Please note that the symbol "#" represents the middle number of your configured JCo destination. (e.g. VIRSAXSR3_14_MODEL or VIRSAXSR3_01_MODEL)


This error occurs if you are using Adaptive RFC type connections in RAR and the JCO destination is not correctly configured or is not working properly.

1.  Please verify the SLD can connect to the back-end system by testing the connection.

2.  Please verify that you do not have two or more JCo destinations configured for the same back-end system.  If you do, please remove the extra set and verify connector is now pointing to the correct JCo destination.

3.  Verify that the user in the JCo destination has the default GRC roles and is not locked.

4.  Verify the back-end RTA is installed and the VIRSANH(HR) patch is the same version as the front-end.  If you have both VIRSANH and VIRSAHR installed the NH version should be the same as the front-end patch, but HR may be a couple patch levels lower.  See SAP note 1352498 for more information.

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