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ETM pricing without catalog (BGL) and BOM

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ETM pricing without catalog (BGL) and BOM

Alternatively to the pricing via ETM-catalog and ETM Bill of Material, SAP delivers additional scenarios.

I) The price will be kept behind each equipment via classification/   characteristics! The following has to be done:

1. Create a new class for the Catalog (Dummy). It has to be assigned to class type 600!
  SAP menu -> Logistics -> Central Functions -> Classification ->Master Data -> Classes
  e.g. "Catalog_CLASS" -> Class type 600, Status has to be released

  Enter on Tap strip "Characteristic"
  e.g.  "rentprice" (Popup appears, if the characteristics does not exists)
  Create "rentprice" with all necessary data like data format currency, status released etc.
  Save it.  Go back to classes, enter the next characteristic
  e.g. "repairprice" with Data format currency, status released etc.
   Save it.  Go back.
  Save the class "Catalog_CLASS".

2. Create a new dummy catalog e.g. "CAT01". Copy from catalog BGL91.
   ETM Customizing -> Master Data -> Catalogs -> Define Catalog Codes.
  Change class to "Catalog_CLASS". (Link between SAP Standard and ETM).

3. Pricelist assignment
  ETM Customizing -> ETM Operations and Functions -> Settlement ->Pricing -> Determine price lists
   e.g. Pricelist 50

4. Assign price lists/condition types/catalog characteristics
   Price list type "50", Catalog Code "CAT01"
   Cond.Type/Name          Basic price        Characteristic Name
   J3GG Basic price Rent     1 (Catalog)      Rentprice
  J3GA Basic price Repair   1 (Catalog)      Repairprice

5. Pricelist determination
   Caution: Determination procedure PRSL01 with cond. type PRSL is fix.
   The access sequence PRSL is changeable, but not necessary.

   The flexibility of price determination (Different prices for each plant/object type/recipient type etc.)
   will be steered via condition records and the access   sequences there!

   -> Create a condition record on document type
  Document category 1 Pricelist 50
  Document category 2 Pricelist 50

6. ETM Customizing -> ETM Message Output control ->Determine Message
  Output Control for SD-Order Entry
  Message "653" space (Could not find active BOM for equipment &)

  ETM Customizing -> ETM Message Output control -> Determine Message
  Output Control for Shipping documents
   Message "307" space (No active BOM exists for equipment &1 in catalog &2)
   Message "414" space (Could not find active BOM for equipment &)

7. Enter Transaction /nVOFM
   -> Formulas -> condition base value
   Copy formula 499 CEM Customiz. values to 999.
   Chance 999 as following:

              XKOMV                = HLP_KOMV
              XKOMK                = KOMK
              XKOMP                = KOMP
              J_3GPLTYP            = KOMK-PLTYP
              KSCHL                = XKOMV-KSCHL
              PRLDAT               = KOMK-PRSDT
              KRECH                = XKOMV-KRECH
              KUNWE                = KOMK-KUNWE
              KSTEU                = XKOMV-KSTEU
              STLKENN              = 'X'    <- change from space to X
              KWERT                = XKOMV-KBETR
              KFAKTOR              = XKOMV-KFAKTOR1

    Save and activate it.

8. Copy the pricing procedure "J3GINT" to "Z3GINT".
    Standard customizing -> Sales and Distribution -> Basic Functions -> Pricing -> Pricin Control -> Define and assign Pricing Procedure
    -> Maintain pricing procedures

    Change the formula condition based value (colume ALTCBV) to 999
    on Condition type J3GG (Basic prie Rental) and J3GA (Basic price repair)
    Save it.

9. SAP menu -> Logistics -> Construction Equipment Management -> Master Data -> Conditions -> Prices -> Others -> Create

    Enter for both price components a condition record on material l
    level (Dummy material ETM).
    e.g. J3GG/1 EUR/1 PC
         J3GA/1 EUR/1 PC

10. Assign the equipment to the class
    SAP menu -> Logistics -> Construction Equipment Management -> Master Data-> Change equipment -> Button Class Overview

    Enter "Catalog_CLASS".
    Enter the values for rentprice/repairprice etc.
    Save the equipment.

II) If neither pricing determination logic with the BGL (or a similar catalog structure) and the Bill of material (BOM) want to be used, nor
the pricing above described, pricing can also be done via SD and condition records!

1. The delivered condition type "J3GM" and "J3GR" are created to handle single (special) prices on monthly basis (without any catalog!).
    If they want to be changed, we recommend to copy and maintain them. The delivered access sequence is "J3GI". Dependend on the
    company's requirement additional accesses can be created and added.
    (This requires Standard SAP Knowledge in SD pricing/conditions).
    Enter a condition record for "J3GM" (TA VK11)
    Select key combination (access sequence)
    e.g. Customer or ship-to-party/Equipment/Material
    -> Enter recipient, equipment no., Material no and "price" with currency.
    Save it.



  • 23 Apr 2014 12:07 pm

    Hi Rekha , 

    I am Working on ETM Catalog.   We have a standard program " /SAPCEM/CATALOGUE_INPUT " .

    But unable to get the input file structure for the same.

    Can You please throw some light on this , if you have any idea.



    Prasanth Reddy