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EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA Dump Interview Questions and Answers

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EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA Dump Interview Questions and Answers


Q-1) What is the cause of EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA?

Ans) The system issues the short dump EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA happens when the total size of all data objects of an EXPORT statement exceeds 2 GB or if the number of continuation for INDX-type tables with a 1-byte SRTF2 field exceeds 255.

Q-2) Does SAP Document 1950062 can break through 2GB limitation?

Ans) No this SAP document is not for breaking through 2GB limitation. This document is used to fix error when the export data is >4GB, EXPORT_COMPRESS_ERROR is raised instead of EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA.

Which means whenever the export data is > 2GB, EXPORT_TOO_MUCH_DATA should happen, EXPORT_COMPRESS_ERROR shouldn't.

Q-3) Is there anyway to break through the 2GB limitation?

Ans) No, there is not anyway to break through the 2GB limitation.

Q-4) How can we check the data volume of the export data?

Ans) The data checker can be checked by the debugger. Normally the large dataset comes from the internal table:

  • Number of rows = 579833
  • Bytes of one row = 3700 bytes/row
  • Total size = 579833 * 3700 = 2145382100 bytes

Please keep in mind that the EXACT maximum size of export data maybe not equal to 2GB precisely. Some bytes have to be substracted for the (platform-dependent) overhead of the Memory Management layer.

Q-5) How can we solve EXPORT_COMPRESS_ERROR dump?

Ans) If this EXPORT_COMPRESS_ERROR dump happens in custom developed program please do the following:

a) Please reduce the data volume.


b) Please apply the solutions provided in SAP Document 1157106.

And If the  dump occurs in SAP Standard programs:

a) Search notes under corresponding application component to see whether there are notes for improving or changing the export logic.

b) If you can't find any SAP document, you can create an incident under corresponding application component for double checking whether it is possible to optimize the affected program.

c) If optimization of the program is not possible then you will have to reduce the data volume.