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Mass Processing and Process Orders Interview Questions and Answer

Updated May 18, 2018

Mass Processing for Production Orders (transactions COHV, CO04N, CO05N, COMAC) and Process Orders (COIO and COID) FAQ

Q1: When should I select the option 'Execute function in the background'?

Ans: You should only select this option if you work online and trigger mass processing and you do not want to delay the execution of this, either because you want to continue working immediately or because the execution would take too long and the transaction otherwise terminates with a TIME_OUT. This option executes the mass processing in an additional background process.

You should not use this option for executing mass processing in the background or batch job. Otherwise the job finishes before the actual mass processing is complete. You would not otherwise notice the number of the generated protocol messages in the job or if mass processing terminates.

Q2: During the selection of individual orders from a collective order the system nevertheless processes the entire collective order. Why?

Ans: For some mass processing functions, the standard system processes the entire collective order, even if you selected only individual orders. This applies to functions 'Costing', 'Reduce capacity requirements', 'WM Material Staging', 'Technically complete', 'Complete' and 'Picking'. However, the system does not process this network if one order in the collective order cannot be processed or is already processed.

Note: As of Release 4. 70, you can process also individual orders from a collective order for mass processing function 'Technically complete'.

Q3: In the collective availability check with transaction COHV or COMAC, the system does not fill fields 'Result avail.' (RC, IOHEADER-RETCODE) and 'Av.chk.messages' (N, IOHEADER-MSGTY).

Ans: These fields are only filled if you used the 'Check Availability' pushbutton to start the material availability check from transaction CO28 or COID.

In transaction COHV or COMAC these fields are not filled. Instead of these fields, fields 'Message type (Icon)' (IOHEADER-ICON_MSGTY) and 'Max. problem class' (IOHEADER-PROBCLASS) are displayed here. In addition you can branch to the logs of the last mass processing for this order by choosing the icon in field 'Message type (Icon)' in the output list.