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Picking List of Production and Process Orders Related Interview Questions

Updated May 18, 2018

Q1: Why are all withdrawable, non-backflush components not always issued on the list?

Ans: In addition to the reservation item criteria (movement allowed, non-backflush, requirement quantity > 0 and so on), components are not isssued if the order status does not allow goods withdrawal, if the reservation items require reprocessing as a future change or error record, or if a delivery exists for the reservation item, for example, for storage locations managed in handling units.

Q2: You specify selection conditions at componentlevel (Transaction CO27/COIK). However, components that do not correspond to these conditions are also issued in the component list.

Ans: The selection conditions on the initial screen of the information system are used to identify an order. For the orders that are found, all the components of these orders are then displayed on the corresponding list. If you want to restrict the display of the components, use a filter in the layout (as of Release 4.6C) or a profile that filters out the unwanted components.

Q3: How I can pick in a batch, that is, how can I flag goods movements for update?

Ans: Production order: Due to frequent incorrect use, the 'Pick in batch' function has been removed for Release 4.6. However, you can still use the function via 'Mass processing' in function parameter 'B: Execute goods movements in a batch program'.

Process order: in Transaction COIK you can use the right mouse button to select the 'Pick/batch' function or you can call the function via 'Mass processing' in function parameter 'B: Execute goods movements in a batch program'.

Q4: Why is the batch determination executed in the picking list without an availability check?

Ans: The availability check for the batch determination is deactivated for technical reasons. During batch determination for multiple lines of a specific material, the batches confirmed as available for one line would also be determined for other lines.