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FB60 screen change layout different between DEV and PRD

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FB60 screen change layout different between DEV and PRD


I'm having problem with transaction FB60. When i try to change the layout in PRD, in screen Edit System Setting, some of the field showing 0 length. For example in WBS element field, in DEV show length 24 but PRD show length 0. I try to compare the version but it is same (program & table structure - ACGL_ITEM). When I debug the program, found out that it will get the structure from sap internal c program call 'AB_GET_CX_DATA'. So, maybe this program version are different between DEV and PRD.


How to go to the screen problem?

In FB60, you will see the table view where you put your gl account, amount etc. There is Up and down scroll box and table icon(Tooltip:Configuration) on top of it. When you click it, it prompt up new screen Table Setting. And click Administrator button. New screen will come out, Edit System Setting. This is where my problem is. The length of the field in here is different between my development server and production server.


Anybody knows what is the cause of this problem? Or maybe somebody can tell me how to check sap internal c program.

Thank you very much.


  • 21 Feb 2012 7:11 am
    please check screen variant.