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Display Implemented SAP Notes in the Note Assistant

Updated May 18, 2018

How to Find Implemented SAP Notes in Assistant?

Note Assistant could only implement corrections to ABAP source code.

To implement corrections to other ABAP repository objects, such as properties, parameters, definitions and to create new objects by implementing a note is now possible. And such changes minimize the number of extra manual tasks necessary both before and after implementation of the note.

Note Display Interface

The note display interface has been adapted so as to take account of these changes. The various parts of the corrections contained in the note are placed in a tree structure, and can be displayed individually in a detail display.

Two ways to display the SAP Notes that have been implemented in your system:

1. In the Note Assistant, choose Note Browser and enter Implemented completely as value for the implementation status in the selection screen.

Note: If you do not make any selection, you see all the SAP notes available in your system. This includes notes that are obsolete, not relevant or that are processed by another user.

2. The Modification Browser (SE 95) displays a complete overview of the SAP notes that have been implemented. You can access the Modification Browser from the Note Assistant choosing Environment -> Modification Browser.