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How to avoid creating inspection lot automatically?

Updated May 18, 2018

I had set inspection type 04 in the material master . Now I don't want the system create inspection lot auotmatically, I want create it manual. How I can do that?

Run TCode SPRO. Click on SAP Reference IMG or press F5.

GoTo Quality Management->Quality Inspection->Inspection Lot Creation-> and execute 'Inspection for Goods Movements'. Select 'Deactivate Quality Inspection for a Movement Type' on the poped-up window. Check the 'QM not active' check box for relevant movement type.

All the best.

If you only want to deactivate it for a material you do that in the QM plant view of the material. Go to the inspection types and uncheck the "Active" box on the line for your 04 inspection.

You would then need to make sure that 89 or 07 are active to create a manual one.

Another option is to leave the 04's active but set up your inspection plan so that ALL lots are skip lots. Set up the Auto UD to process all skip lots. you can set a window so that they hang around for an hour or so, or 24 hrs if you want. If you don't want the material in QI stock make sure you also uncheck "Inspectiion stock" indicator for the 04 inspection type set up in the material master.

This way, all material goes to unrestricted, inspection lots are available if you want to use them and the lots are automatically closed for you after a given amount of time.


  • 21 Aug 2008 3:28 am yogini
    I have applied DMR to 1 material, in QM View skip lot and auto UD indicators are set. But where to set time for skip. To skip such lots whether I have to run any transaction for this or it will happen in back ground.
  • 01 Oct 2009 1:11 am Guest
    Do this in the spro qm plant config
  • 01 Jun 2017 11:11 pm Guest

    I know this is a very old post but can you help me out?  I want ALL my inspection lot to be SKIP lots and just record results of selective Inspection lots.  Based on what is written here it can be done using Inspection Plan.  Can you give me step by step guidance so I can achieve the SKIP for ALL inspection lots?  Can you also give me guidance if this can be achived using DMR?