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How to Import an APO Optimizer version for APO Version 5.0?

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How to Import an APO Optimizer version for APO Version 5.0?

Note the following:

As of calendar week 39, 2011 Unicode-enabled optimizer executables are used. These require additional DLLs or shared libraries that must be installed.

You require the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime DLLs in Version 8.0 (Service Pack 1 with MFC security update); see also Note 1375494 - the corresponding SAP NetWeaver version is 7.10.

Download link:

Terminate all optimization runs in your APO system. Use transaction /SAPAPO/OPT03 to display active sessions.

Use the sapcar tool to unpack all files from the archive file OPT50Axx_yy.SAR.

Copy the files contained in the file to the existing files on your optimization server. Use the following directories:

  • csopsvr. exe  in /apoopt/cs/bin
  • ctmsvr. exe   in /apoopt/ctm/bin
  • dsoptsvr.exe in /apoopt/dps/bin
  • mmpopsvr.exe in /apoopt/mmp/bin
  • seqopsvr.exe in /apoopt/seq/bin
  • snpopsvr.exe in /apoopt/snp/bin
  • vsropsvr.exe in /apoopt/vsr/bin
  • cplex*. dll   in /apoopt/mmp/bin and /apoopt/snp/bin

The archive also includes the required DLLs. The following DLLs are absolutely necessary: icudt34.dll, icuin34.dll, icuuc34.dll and librfc32u.dll. These must exist either in each optimizer directory (/apoopt/*/bin), or in the search path for the gateway user (environment variable PATH).

The DLLs dsrlib.dll, ncs.dll and sapcpp47.dll are optional:

  • If you want to write distributed statistics record (DSR) data , copy the DLL dsrlib.dll to each optimizer directory (/apoopt/*/bin) or to the search path.
  • If you want to measure performance using Introscope, copy the DLLs ncs.dll and sapcpp47.dll to each optimizer directory (/apoopt/*/bin) or to the search path.

Installation check

Use transaction /sapapo/opt_inst to check the installation.


If the optimizer does not work after the installation, check the following steps:

1. RFC connection test in transaction SM59:

If the connection test is incorrect here, first check the correct setting in the RFC connection and then continue with the next step.

2. Test of the executable on the optimization server:

You can execute the optimization executables on the respective optimization server (Windows: just double-click). If the problem is due to missing DLLs, the system usually displays these in an information message. Depending on the settings, there may also be an error message in the event display.