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Inspection Lot Forcefully Closed, Unable to Confirm the Order

Updated May 18, 2018

Inspection lot forcefully closed, Results not recorded on one of the operation, unable to confirm the order. What can I do to resolve this issue in most efficient way. This is a 03 type.


  • 13 Aug 2013 5:57 am Sushma
    What is error when you try to confirm the order?
  • 13 Aug 2013 5:57 am amit butola
    Actual data for QM characteristics of operation 0010 missing - is the error message
  • 13 Aug 2013 12:36 pm Sushma
    The problem may be the way you've configured the order type of the production order. Use transaction OPK4 (Parameters for Order Confirmation) to see how the order type is set up in the plant. There is a section labeled Checks that includes a setting for Results Recording. If you've chosen 'Error message if no inspection results exist,' then that may be your problem (we use 'Message if no inspection results exist' but that just pops and informational message during confirmation).
    Are you confirming an individual operation using CO11 or CO11N (or CO19) or are you confirming the entire order using CO15?
    You may be able to avoid the confirmation check if you change the control key on the operation that has the inspection result to a control key that prohibits confirmation. That may allow the SAP confirmation logic to bypass the operation (and its associated characteristic).
    I'm a little surprised that a forced closed result is not considered an actual result (you simply forced closed one inspection characteristic, correct?). You may have to actually "unforce" the characteristic by invalidating the result and capture another unforced result (perhaps with an Attribute of 'non-verifiable' if you need some kind of audit trail).
    Good Luck
  • 14 Aug 2013 6:19 am amit butola
    I'm confirming the individual operation using CO11N. So the order type parameter for results recording does not suppress the error message for missing results on MIC. Because it refers to the entire order. Am I right? What can I do to suppress the error message during the confirmation of the individual operation in case of missing results on quality characteristics?
  • 14 Aug 2013 6:19 am Sushma
    I'm hoping the inspection result requirement is specific to the operation -- but I can't be sure. Do you have a control key configured that is set to Confirmation Not Possible (or Confirmation Possible but not Necessary)? If so, try using transaction CO02 to change the operation's control key. Hopefully, if you don't have to confirm the operation, then SAP won't treat this condition as a hard error.
    Failing that, I think you're going to have to 'unforce' the result and record something. You may be able to a second inspection characteristic to the operation and record a result and get past the error that way.
    We don't have any order types configured to treat this condition as a hard error so I really can't experiment quickly.
    You might want to find out from the powers-that-be why the order type was set up with such a restrictive results recording rule. You could be violating some audit requirement by forcing closed the characteristic.
  • 14 Aug 2013 6:19 am Sushma
    Just to be sure we're on the same page... what exactly did you update on the inspection lot? Did you force close an individual inspection characteristic (or characteristics)? Did you Block the entire inspection lot? How many characteristics do you have altogether on this order?
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:29 am amit butola
    I have 3 operations on a production order. Each of these operation has a quality characteristics assigned to it. User recorded results on quality characteristic of operation 1 and 3. Then made a usage decision on the inspection lot without recording result on operation 2. Now, when the user tries to confirm the operation 2 using CO11N, it says missing quality characteristic. Then the user tries to record result on characteristics of operation 2, he gets error that the inspection lot is closed (usage decision made). Hope it is clear.
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:30 am Sushma
    That is much different than what I thought. No one has forced closed an inspection characteristic which is what you initial message implied. Basically, someone has recorded a Usage Decision before they should have. Someone with the proper authorization should be able to use transaction QA12 to reset the usage decision. Use QA12 to bring up the inspection lot. If there is a button labeled Reset Decision on the toolbar, then you are good to go. The Reset authorization is not automatically granted to everyone who has the ability the use QA12 to simply change a usage decision. I'm not exactly sure where that extra security comes from, but see if you have a Quality superuser who can reset the usage decision.
    Once that is removed, then the status of the inspection lot should change and you should be able to record the required inspection result.
    Good luck
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:30 am amit butola
    Sorry I did not put it out clearly in the first place.
    I tried QA12, but I get error message on the first screen itself as soon as I enter inspection lot and hit "enter". The error is "inspection complete". Basically I'm not able to touch the lot any more. I'm thinking of other options like making the characteristic "optional" or "Long term" so that system does not mandate to record result for that particular MIC and the user be able to confirm the operation. What do you think?
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:32 am Sushma
    I think you have the authorization problem I predicted. I am able to bring up completed inspection lots (status ICCO) with the Usage Decision made using QA12. The ability to Reset Usage Decisions must be implemented using a user exit (QEVA0008). We did that in our company. Check out SAP note 33924. You'll need a programmer.
    I don't think there is anything you can do to the current characteristic. Changing the master characteristic does not change how it was set up when it was originally created on the order. And, you can't do anything to it directly because your inspection lot is fully complete and you don't have the authorization necessary to remove the usage decision.
    Have you tried changing the control key on the operation so that you do not have to confirm the operation?
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:33 am amit butola
    Can you please throw some light on how to implement user exit and sap note. Should I implement SAP note first and then implement user exit? or the other way round. Should I write any custom code in the user. If so What is it?
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:33 am Sushma
    The SAP Note is not one you can simply apply. It's basically a discussion of what you might want to do if a Usage Decision is recorded, but you want to undo it. You'll have to read it and act as you see fit. I don't think you actually need any code in the user exit -- you only need to activate it. At least, that's how I think it works. You'll need a programmer to verify.
    I brought up enhancement QEVA0008 using transaction SMOD. I hit the Components radio button and hit Display. The display tells me that I'm using function module EXIT_SAPMQEVA_008. It says I have one Function Code: Program SAPMQEVA with Code +FC1 (Reset Usage Decision). I believe all this does is activiate the Reset Decision button (and underlying functionality) within SAPMQEVA which the program initiated by transaction QA12.
    We have no custom code in this exit. We've pondered putting in a custom authorization check to somehow bypass the activation of the button for security roles that we want to be able to use QA12, but not be able to Reset decisions. Fortunately, our user community has not been abusing this functionality. Nevertheless, you should give some thought to the risks associated with reversing usage decisions. We found they were no worse than the risks associated with simply changing one. Either way, there's an audit trail of who changed the usage decision and when they did it.
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:33 am amit butola
    After implementing the SAP Note, where do you see the "Reset Usage Decision" option. Is it under "Usage Decision" menu option.
    Thanks for your help so far. I think I'm getting closer to solve this issue.
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:33 am Sushma
    The Reset Usage Decision button is the leftmost button on the toolbar, right under the Change Usage Decision: Characteristic Overview title. I do not think there is a menu path you can follow to reset the usage decision. (There is a menu path Edit > Reset > Inspection Completion that will remove the Inspection Lot Complete status, but will leave the Usage Decision intact.)
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:34 am Sushma
    A very long time ago, probably 8-9 years, SAP provided a short function I downloaded that actually reversed the UD. The program name I downloaded was ZQEVAC40. I don't have time to research the OSS note but that is where I got it. We have since wrapped this in a "Z" transaction and put tight security around it so we can control who has the ability to run this
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:34 am amit butola
    After implementing the SAP Note, where do you see the "Reset Usage Decision" option. Is it under "Usage Decision" menu option.
    Thanks for your help so far. I think I'm getting closer to solve this issue.
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:34 am amit butola
    What is the difference between resetting the inspection completion status to resetting the UD...Other than it leaves the UD code intact. Thanks
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:35 am Sushma
    Well, you can try to leave the UD code intact and only reset the inspection completion status, but I don't think you'll be allowed to record the result. Try it, though.
  • 16 Aug 2013 5:35 am amit butola
    When I did the reset inspection lot completion, it sets the lot status to LTIN. So, I guess it intends to allow results recording for LT (long-term) characteristics. So, I guess it wont allow RR on regular characteristics unless you reset the UD. Thanks