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Issues occurred while saving the ALV grid layout as a Default Setting

Updated May 18, 2018

Hello Experts,

What are the common issues that you may come across while saving the ALV grid layout as a default setting? 

What are the ideal solutions for the problems which happen while saving the ALV grid layout as a default setting?

Thanks in advance.


  • 06 May 2016 2:24 pm Shalesh Singh Helpful Answer

    When a user wants to save the current list layout in an SE16 output list in the ALV grid display, the following menu function needs to be used: 

    "Settings -> Layout -> Save...” 

    But while doing that, one might come across the following major issues. 

    • The "Default setting" checkbox gets visible in the "Save layout" dialog box but doesn’t get activated. 
    • The saved layout variant works for all tables instead of working only for the current table.
  • 06 May 2016 2:30 pm Abhijeet Mudgal Helpful Answer

    When a user implements 1130222, the restriction for saving SE16 list layouts in the ALV grid display is removed. After that, layout variants are saved as system-wide layout variants for all users. At the same instance, saving the layout variants as default settings was disabled. This causes the "Default setting" checkbox to be visible in the "Save layout" dialog box yet, not active. 

    Basis releases as of 7.10: 

    The specified Support package should be imported or the attached correction instructions should be implemented. It helps a user in saving the layout as a default setting again. It is table specific. However, a system-wide default setting which is not user-specific can affect all the users using the Data browser for this specific table.

    Basis Release 6.20 to 7.02: 

    The correction instructions are delivered with which the name of the table is included in the layout variant and on the "Save layout" dialog screen, the "Default setting" checkbox is made ready for the inputs. This makes it easy for a user to use a system-wide default setting of a list layout, for example, for the SE16 list output in background jobs. 

    However, the corrections enclosed in this note have not been delivered with a Support Package. They are also not included in the standard SAP System because none of the previous layout variants for SE16 are available (due to the changed key) after this conversion is carried out.

    In this context, it should also be noted that a system-wide default setting that is not user-specific affects all users who use the Data Browser for this table. 

    Workaround for background processing in Basis releases before Release 7.10:

    The following menu functions should be used for the current table, in the Data Browser:

    • "Settings --> List Format --> Sort..."
    • "Settings --> List Format --> Choose Fields..." 

    They are used to make relevant settings for the table columns that will be the output and how they are sorted. A user can choose "Save for Background Processing" for saving this setting.

    This ensures that the settings which are saved in this manner are user-independent and are effective only once for the SE16 list output of this table which follows in the background. They get automatically deleted by the system.