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No Item Category Available (Table T184 ZOR 0001 )

Updated May 18, 2018

No item category could be determined for the combination ZOR 0001

Dear Experts,

I have facing problem during creating the sales order, its doesn't show the material, while there is stock available. ( the error is


Message No. V1320

Diagnosis  No item category could be determined for the combination ZOR 0001

Please provide the step to solve it.


  • 07 May 2013 6:05 am rekha Best Answer

    You got this message because the item category is not determined in your sales document. 

    The table T184 contains all the item categories defined for the sales document type.Item category is determined by combination of Sales document type, item category group maintained in material master, usage and higher level item category. 

    In VOV4 all these four are assigned and the item category is determined at order level. No item category is determined message means that you have not specified any item category for the order type ZOR. Please check the configuration. 

    Specify some item category for ZOR there. Go to SPRO -> Sales and Distribution -> Sales -> Sales Documents ->Sales Document Item -> Assign Item Categories Go to VOV4, click on the Position and you can enter the combination of your order type and Item Category Group (most probably NORM) check and ensure that for this combination, you have maintained item category ZOR.