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Launch SAP Software Update Manager (SUM) to Enhance Process

Updated Dec 10, 2019

What is SAP Software Update Manager (SUM)?

Definition - SAP Software Update Manager (SUM) is a versatile tool that can help in performing a release upgrade, applying Support Package Stacks, installing enhancement packages and add ons and also helps to update single components on SAP NetWeaver and corrects installed software information.

Prerequisites to start SUM:

  • However, when using SUM, one should ensure that it is downloaded and is available on SAP Netweaver AS Java.
  • From SAP Software Download Center one can download SUM which is a part of the Software Logistics Toolset delivery.
  • However, before running and using the SUM one should complete all necessary preparation and planning actions in the SUM user guide. In addition, ensure that the SAP system and the database are started. JAVA 6 should be installed on the host where one wants to start the SL Common GUI of the Software Update Manager.

Process to Starting Up SUM:

One can start Software Update Manager by executing STARTUP.BAT which is under usrsapSIDSUMSUM directory in case of Windows while in case of UNIX.

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One can start Software Update Manager by executing ./STARTUP script which is under usrsapSIDSUMSUM path. After the execution is completed, Webstart service, Notes service, Alert service, Mail service, Fileservice etc. will start and on 4239 port the HTTP service will start.

Now, by entering a URL http://:4239 in a browser, one can call GUI. In this URL, the hostname will be the host on which the Software Update Manager is running.

SUM Launch

Now, a dialog box may appear and the option ‘Run’ should be selected. This will make the Software Update Manager GUI to start and it may ask to create a password for Administrator. The user will need to provide the password and then click on OK to proceed. Once the OK option is clicked, the user may view a screen which states ‘Welcome to Software Update Manager.’

Create Password for SUM

In short, the Software Update Manager on the application server of the primary application server instance should be run and the SL Common GUI of the Software Update Manager should be started. Now, on Software Update Manager one should log in and the SCA file should be deployed.

Welcome SUM

The Software Update Manager 1.0 is available since June 6th 2016 as SUM 1.0 SP17. It is updated frequently almost three times a year. It is available in the Maintenance Optimizer download list.

Thus, launch SAP Software Update Manager (SUM) as it supports a number of processes.