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License for RLM

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License for RLM

The IS-Oil request Remote Logistics Management (RLM) is issue to a distinct license from SAP that includes extra costs. This also put on if you are spending SAP ERP 6.0 enhancement package 7 or advanced, irrespective of whether you are an IS-Oil customer or not. Unlicensed users of RLM are not permitted to provision concluded OSS.If you are running RLM deprived of a license; you should contact your SAP account executive to obtain a license.

From release 46C, the activation of the RLM application includes a flag to point out that the appliance is authorized. If this flag isn't set, whenever associate degree RLM operate is termed, a popup message reminds the user that RLM isn't authorized. To suppress this message you ought to set the license flag, however in fact you are doing this only you've got obtained a license.
It is meant that the license flag are checked sporadically to make sure that each one users of RLM square measure properly authorised.If the system problems the popup even supposing you're not using RLM,please switch off RLM.
1. In Customizing, opt for trade resolution Oil & Gas (Remote supply Management) -> world Settings -> Activate Remote supply. Management.
2. Deactivate (clear) the 'Active' flag and Save.
For releases SAP ERP half-dozen.0 improvement packages seven and higher: 
1. Activate the Business operate for RLM.
2. In Customizing, opt for supply Execution -> Remote supply Management (RLM) -> world Settings -> Activate Remote supply Management.
3. Deactivate (clear) the 'RLM Active' flag and Save.