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Long term Inspection Characteristics

Updated May 19, 2018


I want to display a list in which I can identify materials with their long term inspection characteristics. I am using sap in a process industry. Have tried tcodes qe51n, qa32 etc and table qals.

Table qals detail screen (for inspection lot) showed long term char. but the value was zero.

Can anyone please help me with the same?



  • 29 Jul 2013 5:32 am Sushma
    Do check mark to the Long test check box in the control indicators of the MICs.
  • 29 Jul 2013 5:32 am amit butola
    Thank you for your response. There is no check box for long test in the control indicators of the mic. I did put a check mark on the long term inspection check box.

    However this would only allow me to carry out LTIP but I need to find all the materials that have used long term inspection for a specific plant. Is there a table or tcode through which I can do that??

  • 07 Aug 2013 6:24 am Sushma
    Control indicators are in table plmk field steuerkz. Enter criterion like '+++++++X*' in this field in se16 and you get long term characteristics.
  • 07 Aug 2013 6:24 am Sushma
    hi frnd,

    you can't get the long text field from ant standard table, but we can get
    the data through READ_TEXT , text id, text name and text object wise, pls
    discuss with ur ABAP team and get the data easily, all the best.
  • 07 Aug 2013 6:24 am Sushma
    I'm not exactly sure what your visibility requirement is. Do you know the names of the Inspection Characteristics that are Long Term? If you know the names of your long term Inspection Characteristics, then you can use txn QS26 to get a where-used list of the routings (Group/Group Counter) to which they are assigned. That won't get you the materials that are assigned to these groups, however. Still, you can use transaction SE16 to look at table MAPL and enter the groups returned by QS26 to see their related materials.
    It's possible you can get the visibility you want using transaction CEWB (Engineering Workbench). You may have to do some setup to establish a Working Area if the transaction demands one when you execute it and you can't find one in the drop-down dialog. (Configuration txn OP77 is used to set up workbench working areas). Assuming you can get the workbench to display, then you can go to the Inspection Characteristic tab and enter your characteristics, then click the Load Task Lists and BOMs button on the toolbar. This should list all of the Groups/Counters that use the Inspection Characteristic(s) with a list of Materials on the left side of the screen. The workbench isn't really a visibility tool, however.
    You can probably get what you want if you use an SAP Query (using SQ02 to link all of the tables into an InfoSet and SQ01 to create a query against the tables), but now you're starting to get really serious.
    If you aren't sure which of your master characteristics are set up for long term inspection, then I can give you a suggestion for finding them.
  • 07 Aug 2013 6:25 am Sushma
    If the MIC's are checked as Long Term characteristics, you can see that in System status in QA32 with status as LTI in it (Example: REL CALC SPCO PRII LTI QLCH). You can filter it and see for how many materials LTI's are assigned.

    Hope this helps.
  • 07 Aug 2013 6:25 am Sushma
    You can see the Long Term Inspection Characteristics which were assigned to the Materials in QA32 System Status. (Example: REL CALC SPCO PRII LTI QLCH). This can be sorted in asceding or descending order to see how many Materials are with LTI's based on your input selection.