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MRP Related Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers

Updated May 18, 2018


Q: We have a lot size procedure here which is creating more order proposals. How do you set the limit value for maximum number of MRP order proposals per date in IMG? 

A: Under customization, try materials management->consumption based planning->maintain all plants

Q: What is the difference between "planned consumption" and "Unplanned consumption"? Can safety stock calculation be done on either of these? 

A: While customizing movement types (OMJJ) it is defined as to which set of consumption values gets posted during the material movement. For some it may always be the total consumption and for some it is always the unplanned one and for some it is dependent on whether the issues were done with reference to a reservation ie., a planned consumption. The way these consumption values are taken into account in MRP is defined in the customizing of MRP types.

  • For Reorder point planning (VM) the total consumption is used to calculate the safety stock and the reorder point.
  • For Forecast based planning (VV) the total consumption is used to build the forecast which will be used to compile the order proposals.
  • For Deterministic MRP (PD) the unplanned consumption is used to calculate the forecast which in turn is added to the actual demand.

Q: We want the system to run a single level MRP automatically on receipt of sales order. How to configure triggering event based MRP? 

A: This can only be run if material master has planning strategy 41 (made-to-order) in the MRP2 view. We need to run for other MRP types. We have to create a user exit in the sales order processing (VA01) to start MRP based on data from our sales transaction.

Q: We have an assembly 'A' using a subassembly 'B'. 'B' in turn uses raw material 'C'. Item 'A' is an MPS and is duly marked in Material Master. Item 'B' and 'C' are marked as 'PD'. When demand for 'A' is entered and MPS is run , upto which level the requirements are taken care of? 

A: MRP can be run depending on your requirement. For example:

  • Single Item / Single Level from MPS - Transaction Code MD42 - Only the top MPS item ( 'A' in this case) is planned and dependent requirements will be passed to MRP item ( 'B' ) . Run MRP, Transaction MD02 on 'B' to plan it and all MRP items below .
  • Single Item / Multi Level from MPS - Transaction Code MD41 - All levels are planned - A , B & C
  • Total Planning from MPS online or background - Transaction Code MD40 or MDBS
  • Without marking the checkbox " Process MRP materials" is like case ( 1) above and with the checkbox marked is like case (2 ).


  • 25 Feb 2009 6:19 pm Guest
    In co40 transaction when release is carried out im getting a error message saying that release cannot be carried out, when error logs are checked there io find the wcre ( work centre released)
    pls suggest
  • 16 Jun 2010 2:06 am Guest
    I want to know how to add or delete the material MRP.