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Difference between MRP type PD and MPS type M0


When running MRP using transaction MD02 and MD41, what the difference should be?

There is no difference in the processing logic as such. The only difference is that MPS only acts on materials with an MRP type relevant to MPS (e.g. M0, M1, etc...), and MRP acts on materials with an MRP type relevant to MRP (e.g. PD). How the materials are processed is exactly the same.

This functionality allows you to run MRP for 2 sets of materials separately (and with a different frequency).

For example, some businesses may do planning for their finished goods once per week, but would want to run MRP for their
components daily (although this is generally not necessary with SAP). So, for this example, you would define all finished goods with an MRP type relevant for MPS, and all components with an MRP relevant.

Basically, MPS is a form of MRP that concentrates planning on parts or products that greatly influence the company profits or those that require critical resources. Items marked as master schedule items can be finished goods, assemblies or raw materials. These items are selected for separate MPS run that takes place before the MRP planning run. MPS run is executed without any BOM explosion. This is to allow the MRP controller to ensure that the master schedule items are correctly planned before any detailed MRP run take place.

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