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PP-PDC Interface Interview Questions and Answers

Updated May 19, 2018

PP-PDC Interface FAQs

Q-1) Despite IDOC status 53 why we can't find the confirmation in the system?

Ans) According to Status 53 data of the IDoc was transferred correctly to the SAP system. Based on the IDoc status, you cannot read whether the data was updated correctly as a confirmation or not. Usually, the data must not be updated or cannot be updated due to some errors.

Case 1: The update must be triggered so that the data transferred from the IDoc is updated as confirmation. This can occur automatically if the 'Immediate update' flag is set in Customizing CI41 or it can occur manually in transaction CO1L or using the scheduled report CORUPROC1.

Case 2: If the confirmation cannot be updated correctly, the system writes an error record for the postprocessing with transaction CO16N.

Q-2) How to ensure a correct sequence if the update sequence does not correspond to the sequence in the IDoc?

Ans) While updating confirmations in the SAP system, the confirmations gets sorted according to the time that is reflected in the fields LOGDATE and LOGTIME. This ensures that the confirmations are updated in the same sequence in the SAP system as they were updated in the subsystem. if two confirmations contain the same time, they are processed in a random sequence. Therefore, confirmations should be posted with at least interval (LOGTIME) of one second between them.

Q-3) Why after activating the filter in t-code CI43, the filter does not have any impact or the system terminates with error ERROR_IN_FILTEROBJECTS?

Ans) In the standard SAP system, it is not possible to set filters in transaction CI43 in the PP-PDC area. This is not possible due to technical restrictions and is also not scheduled. The "Subsystem Grouping" field is only used in the HR interface. The field is not relevant for the PP interface.

Q-4) Why the user exit PDCDOWN1 is not called from t-code CI44?

Ans) The system behaviour corresponds with the standard SAP system. The user exit PDCDOWN1 was developed for the PP-PDC interface. However, the t-code CI44 operates the 'old' KK2 interface and not the PP-PDC interface. There is no such exit for the KK2 interface.

Q-5) How can we make sure that the header confirmations are transferred to the order header via the PDC?

Ans) Standard SAP system does not provide this function. Within PP-PDC, the only operation confirmations are of interest - therefore, only these are transferred. Also, if a header confirmation is posted for an order, then this order is no longer PP-PDC-relevant for the system and the order data is also not transferred to the subsystem during an initial download.

Q-6) What are the recommendation for posting the goods movements when using the PP-PDC interface?

Ans) The basic recommendation is to post the goods movements as decoupled.

Q-7) Why even after the order type is flagged as relevant for plant data collection (PDC), the system does not transfer the operations while running t-code CI42N?

Ans) Along with checking Customization for the order type parameters (transaction OPL8), the system also checks if the operation allows a control key with the value 'Confirmation required', and if the subsystem connection is maintained for the work center of the operation. Therefore, in this case, the system writes a record to the table ORDCOM. This ORDCOM record is read in transaction CI42N.

During the transfer, the system also checks if there is an entry for Customizing of the parameters for order confirmation (transaction OPK4) for the relevant combination of plant and order type. And if this is the case, the operations are transferred, a confirmation is possible.

Q-8) If it possible to enter documentary batches with the help of IDoc PPCC2PRETTICKET01, or is an entry possible using the BAdI VBDOCUBATCH?

Ans) No, this function is neither implemented nor planned at this moment.

Q-9) How to influence which operations are to be transferred?

Ans) In order to influence the operations to be transferred, user exit PDCDOWN1 is available. In addition, as of SAP Doc 366218, you can use the business operations

  • PDCH PDC download of order data
  • PDCO PDC download of operation data

in a customer-specific status schema to influence operations. SAP Document 366218 contains further information with regard to this.

Q-10) While the update of confirmations from another time zone, the error RU 030 (RU030) occurs. How can we avoid this issue?

Ans) According to system the time in the IDoc refers to the time zone that is set for the user who updates the IDoc. This time is then converted into the time zone of the plant. And if there is no time zone is defined for the plant, in that case the system uses its own time zone.

Q-11) If the t-code CI42N is run for the delta download and, in the process, an entry is made for 'Logical system, an error message is issued by the the system which says RU 539: 'Data cannot be filtered in the delta download.'

Ans) As no data filtering is possible in the PDC therefore the system behavior is correct. Please run transaction CI42N for a delta download without an entry for the logical system.

Q-12) Can we connect several systems in the PDC?

Ans) The possibility would be to use a filter for the subsystem group in the distribution model (transaction BD64). It is important, for each subsystem group there, a separate distribution model will be created. There, a filter can be set for the subsystem group of the distribution model in question.

Note: You can contact your consultant if you require assistance.

Q-13) Why there are entries with the update indicator P, Q, or P in the table ORDCOM. How can these records be posted?

Ans) These entries are correct. Basically, operations can be created, changed, or deleted; depending on this, ORDCOM records are generated with the following update indicator:

U -> Created new
C -> Changed
D -> Deleted.

When the data transfer is running, these update indicators are replaced first:

U -> P,
C -> R,
D -> Q.

If an error occurs, a record with P, R, Q in the ORDCOM may remain. As a rule, this record is transferred during the next run. If you have records that are not updated despite this, you can make a new change for these orders as a test, or a new scheduling. If this also does not lead to a transfer, create an incident under the component PP-PDC.