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QM inspection lot sample size

Updated May 18, 2018

If an inspection lot has many defects, users want to change the sample size to reflect 100% inspection, sample size is set by sample procedure in material master. However, I am not able to change the sample size as I receive an error message QA267 (You cannot correct the actual quantity, since a serial number is required) transaction QAC3 I think is used.

You cannot change the sample size normally. You can correct lot qty. but a new sample size is not calculated that I am aware of. If you want to have the option of doing additional results recording then set the control indicators on the MIC's for either NO SCOPE or LARGER SCOPE. Then you should be able to add as many additional results as you'd like.

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The downside to that is I believe you will need to do manual valuations when closing the MIC's.