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Questions on MRP Group and MRP Controller

MRP groups are used when the plant division for planning is not enough for the division of the different materials MRP requirements. You assign different groups according to the requirements to run MRP (different Settings). These settings will be taken in account when you run MRP for single item or total planning.

MRP controller is the person in charge of the MRP run for the materials. It is still a further division on your MRP. This is work load related. You can have one MRP controller for materials with different MRP groups.

On your MRP group, you will define the parameters for the MRP run. These parameters are calculated in accordance with the settings on your material master MRP views.

Available stock =
Plant stock - safety stock +
receipts of (purchasing orders + purchasing agreements + production orders) - required quantity.

This means that all the requirements are calculated in the bases of your material master settings and your MRP group settings.

What if nothing happens when you run MRP?

The reasons could be :-

- You have purchase requisitions that are delayed but the delivery time has not been updated on the system.

- The settings on your material MRP screens are not correct, i.e. your material have not yet
entered the re-order point level.

- Your requirements have not been taken in account when running MRP.

Assuming that everything is well and the requirement has been calculated, go to transaction code MD04 and verify that the different requirements are reflected in the MRP list and also if there is any purchase requisition scheduled by the system. Verify also if there is any other delivery schedule that will exceed the actual requirements.

If the purchasing requisition is there, the only thing that you have to troubleshoot is the message to tell you that the purchasing requirement was calculated.

If the requirement is not there, re-visit your material master and check your settings for the MRP group.

What is the real meaning and usage of the followings configured in PP:
1. MRP Controller;
2. Schedule margin key;
3. MRP group;
4. MRP profile.

1. MRP Controller;
This will help you to group the material for some controlling purpose. You can run mrp by mrp controller.
you can do evaluation by mrp controller. This will help us if have different people in one organisation involved in purchasing.

2. Schedule margin key;

This will help you to determine the floats. In case if you have production order you can see the impact of floats

3. MRP group;

This will help you for the material to reac in tems of the settings made relavant to each group. To know more details on the group you can chek the tcode oppr.

4. MRP profile
We can have some prefixed datas in the profile and and we can enter teh profile for diff material so the values will copied as defaulted in the profile.