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Restoring Sybase ASE database server for windows

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Restoring Sybase ASE database server for windows

Now you are working on SAP with a Sybase ASE database server. Sybase ASE tracks on Microsoft windows. You want to reinstate the Sybase ASE database server. The following steps below will help you in restoring Sybase ASE database server:

You will find that the file system :Sybase< stocktickerSID > is present i.e. all the database strategies and databases are not working and they must have to be regenerated. You will now find the latest dumps of the master,’sybmgmtdb’ and sap tools databases are available now. You will also get the latest dump of database; beside this you will also find the dumps that are being required from the transaction log. Now you have save the updated copy of the output. All the Data Definition Language commands for all the databases will be available. At last you will get the current copy of the ASE server configuration file.

Sometimes you will not able to get the file system of the Sybase software installation, for this you have to restore it from a file system backup. Although if you do not have a file system backup sometimes, for this you have to install ASE again using the SAP installer.

Let us have an example, if you need to install an empty SAP Net weaver system and later you have to load all your database backups in to Sybase ASE server. You would not be able to install it again with the help of ASE installer from the RDBMS installation source offered by SAP.

Hope this article might help you in restoring the database.

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